Charles Katsidonis

Short bio of the Director

I am Charles Katsidonis, the founder and director of Polymathe Ltd. and, even if I say so myself, a natural-born linguist, serial language-learner and intellectually-curious human being.

Born and raised in Brussels, a cosmopolitan and deeply multilingual city now famous for being the capital of the European Union, I learned French (Brussels’ main language) and Modern Greek from day one (because it so happens that my parents are Greek).

At school, I successfully learned Dutch, English and Spanish (alongside the core scientific subjects that I elected to study) before being awarded a BA in Translation Studies at the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes (ISTI, Brussels) where I added the Italian language to my linguistic toolkit.

Concomitantly with my translation studies, I also enrolled in the Modern Greek Language and Culture programme at the Rand Afrikaans University in South Africa and followed several evening language courses as well (German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. at the ISTI), further developing my passion for languages and linguistics.

In February 2004, I moved to Singapore and cofounded Polymathe Ltd. In Singapore, I learned enormously about the local Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures and languages, studied Mandarin Chinese at the National University of Singapore and picked up some Malay on my own. At the end of 2006, my company and I moved to Hong Kong, where we’ve been settled ever since.

Through the years, while running the company, I have never stopped refining my language skills, as well as studying other fields for both personal and professional enlightenment. I have enjoyed learning more about diverse topics such as Musicology, Sciences, Business, Web & Software Development, Digital Audio ProductionFilm DirectionVisual Effects and Character Animation.

Here’s a short chronology of the languages I have studied over the years, with some at native level (French, English and Spanish), and others ranging from proficient (Dutch, Greek or Italian) to notions.

Modern Greek
2004Mandarin Chinese