Translation Rates

Translation rates

Looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality service? If you look around the web, you’ll most likely find hundreds, possibly even thousands, of translators or “agencies” supposedly offering the world at bargain basement prices. (They may even be so bold as to claim “Us very cheap indeed sir!“)

Don’t be fooled though: high-quality translations require time and resources (both human and material) and these have a cost that cannot be squeezed without severely affecting the final product. Hence our philosophy of charging the right price to ensure the highest quality possible for the services we provide.

This aim is important to us, as it is intended to clarify that we simply don’t produce sub-par cheapo work. When you entrust us with your work, we’ll take the utmost care of it and implement all our tried and trusted quality control processes to make sure that what you receive is of the best possible quality.

High quality translation starts at US$0.09 per source word and charges apply for additional services and factors such as:

  • Service required:
    • Translation Only (T) (baseline rate)
    • Translation + Proofreading (TP)
    • Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP)
    • MT Post-Editing (upon demand)
  • Source and target languages
  • Deadlines
  • Complexity of the content
  • Field of the content

Extra charges also apply for:

  • Rush or Weekend work
  • File Format used
  • Handwriting
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